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About:Palestine conflict

Subject:PEACE: Absence of War Only! MALES vs FEMALES and RELIGION.

Peace overnight? 


Peace next year?


Peace within 10 year?

Not really - just absence of war!

Peace within a millennium?

Well, get rid of all the religions on this planet to start with or we will all 
suffer for another 1000 year.

Male soldiers are basically "raised" by mothers/woman, as protectors. 
Fathers are much better mothers. 
Female soldiers are much better murders. 
How about a full War between Males and Females?

Its proven that the World do not need all those professors, doctors, academics 
and politicians as "professionals" in preventing wars around the planet.

If Mothers should not be accused for all the Wars - between males and males 
around the world -they should be a much more active part in preventing males 
killing males.

How can that be done?
Well, I know what can be done! It will take some time though - 15 -25 years. 
But do anyone one really wanna stop all the killings around the world?
The IDIOT concept: "we" and "them" apply even in the "GenderWar".
WomanRaised Boys is a disaster! 
And look at all the career diplomats in UN: What can they do? Nothing!!! They 
are all stuffed! Annan, Mary Robinson, etc etc. ewwwwwww
No change is in sight if not the Gender War get a solution. 
Thats the Priority for the World! 

May I recommend a poetic term to describe what I mean: INTERNAL 

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